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Essential Meteor Performance Tips

October 11, 2013  |  PHP  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Meteor is the one of the easiest and robust ways to build real-time web apps. But Meteor is also known for bad performance. This is half true and half false. But that doesn’t mean Meteor cannot be used in production or cannot be scaled.All of my hacks and findings are blogged at MeteorHacks.Recently, I’ve worked on some improvements which make Meteor production ready. I hacked into Meteor and changed some of the internals to make it perform better. Also, I’ve tried and tested several proven web scaling techniques with Meteor and the results were promising. All of my hacks and...

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Online Marketing Tips for Nonprofits

August 19, 2013  |  SEO  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by SteveOllington What's this about? Having worked in-house at one charity and provided some volunteer consulting to a couple of others, I decided it would be good to write about some useful ways that charities can increase their online exposure, without the need to drain too much of their already limited resources. ...

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Web Assets – Tips for Better Organization and Performance

August 6, 2013  |  PHP  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Remember back to when we had to spend a lot of time optimizing our project’s assets (images, CSS, etc..)? Well today, users have a much faster Internet connection and it appears that we can afford to use bigger images or bigger flash files with a lot of video and pictures inside. However, with the rise of mobile development, we are again back in that same situation. It is extremely important to create well optimized sites, so that we have faster applications, which download less content and respond immediately.ImagesServe the Proper SizeOften times we use the same images for different parts...

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iOS Quick Tip: 7 Tips to Speed Up Your Development

July 22, 2013  |  iPhone  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Most developers are always looking for ways to improve or automate their workflow being it with a simple script to automate a common task or by learning every possible keyboard shortcut of their favorite text editor. In this article, I will show you seven tips that will speed up and streamline your workflow in Xcode.1. Keyboard ShortcutsVirtually every Xcode command has a keyboard shortcut that you can learn and even customize. Investing the time to learn keyboard shortcuts will increase your efficiency tremendously. If you are like me, and a lot of other developers, you prefer to keep your hands...

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iOS Quick Tip: 5 Tips to Increase App Performance

July 19, 2013  |  iPhone  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Even though the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 ship with a powerful A6(X) processor and a lot more RAM than the original iPhone, this doesn’t mean that iOS applications are by definition fast and performant. In this quick tip, I will give you five tips to improve application performance.1. CachingIf an iOS application fetches a remote resource, it is important that it doesn’t fetch that same resources every time it needs to access it. If you plan to develop a Twitter client for iOS, for example, then the client shouldn’t be downloading the same avatar every time it needs...

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