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iOS Quick Tip: 7 Tips to Speed Up Your Development

July 22, 2013  |  iPhone  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Most developers are always looking for ways to improve or automate their workflow being it with a simple script to automate a common task or by learning every possible keyboard shortcut of their favorite text editor. In this article, I will show you seven tips that will speed up and streamline your workflow in Xcode.1. Keyboard ShortcutsVirtually every Xcode command has a keyboard shortcut that you can learn and even customize. Investing the time to learn keyboard shortcuts will increase your efficiency tremendously. If you are like me, and a lot of other developers, you prefer to keep your hands...

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iOS Quick Tip: 5 Tips to Increase App Performance

July 19, 2013  |  iPhone  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Even though the iPhone 5 and the iPad 4 ship with a powerful A6(X) processor and a lot more RAM than the original iPhone, this doesn’t mean that iOS applications are by definition fast and performant. In this quick tip, I will give you five tips to improve application performance.1. CachingIf an iOS application fetches a remote resource, it is important that it doesn’t fetch that same resources every time it needs to access it. If you plan to develop a Twitter client for iOS, for example, then the client shouldn’t be downloading the same avatar every time it needs...

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10 Tips for Learning a New Technology

May 9, 2013  |  PHP  |  , ,  |  Comments Off

We live in a very exciting time. Never before has education been so cheaply available to the masses (if not free). The medium, itself, has made tectonic shifts from a classroom setting, to blogs, screencasts and complete university classes, as a set of videos and interactive forums. Given these resources, there’s absolutely no excuse not to dive in and learn. However, with such a wealth of resources, filtering through the options can often become overwhelming. In this article, I will outline a simple process to kick-start your education.Although my suggestions will primarily pertain to software development, these principles are certainly...

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7 Optimization Tips for Adwords Advertisers

March 5, 2013  |  SEO  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Adwords by Google is a proven way to generate traffic, leads, and sales. It is a tool that some marketers are using on a regular basis to drive business goals. While there are a few using this tool to great effect, several more are striking out and in the process, throwing a lot of money out the window. Having success with Adwords calls for you to take the same approach you take to generating visibility for your organic content — optimize. However, the actual steps to optimization are a bit different in this arena. 1. Learn to Bid and Budget Understanding how...

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Tips for Real-World Marketing from SearchLove and LinkLove

March 4, 2013  |  SEO  |  , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by willcritchlow I want to tell you a story about one of our favourite sessions - Let’s Get Real - where we have all our speakers on stage at once. In this post, I’m going to: Highlight some of the incredible tips and tricks our speakers gave away at our conferences at the end of last year. Give away free HD videos of Let’s Get Real from the conferences at the end of 2012 [skip to the video giveaway]. Share all the details of our upcoming conferences in London and Boston, along with the video deal we have running for SEOmoz PRO members [skip...

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