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The E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study 2017: 15 Essential Takeaways

September 8, 2017  |  SEO  |  , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by Alan_ColemanIs your website beating, meeting, or behind the industry average? Wolfgang Digital’s 2017 E-Commerce Benchmark KPI Study is out with an even bigger sample size than ever before. Analyzing 143 million website sessions and 1 million in online revenues, the study gives e-commerce marketers essential insights to help benchmark their business’s online performance and understand which metrics drive e-commerce success. This study is our gift to the global e-commerce industry. The objective is to reveal the state of play in the industry over the last 12 months and ultimately help digital marketers make better digital marketing decisions by: Better understanding their...

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5 Takeaways from Earning Links in 130 Countries

November 30, 2016  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by kerryjonesI was in Peru earlier this year for a digital marketing conference, and I overwhelmingly heard the same frustration: “It’s really hard to use outreach to earn links or PR coverage in our country.” This wasn’t for lack of trying. As I continued to hear this sentiment during my visit, I learned there simply weren’t a lot of opportunities. For one thing, in Peru, there aren’t nearly as many publishers as in more populous countries. Most publishers expected payment for mentioning a brand. Furthermore, journalists did a lot of job-hopping, so maintaining relationships was difficult. This is a conundrum not...

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A Dozen Digestible Takeaways from 2016′s E-Commerce Benchmarks Study

September 17, 2016  |  SEO  |  , , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by Alan_ColemanHey Moz Blog readers.I’m delighted to share with you a big body of work the Wolfgang team has just completed. It’s our E-commerce Benchmarks 2016 study. We dove into Google Analytics insights from over 80 million website sessions and over one-quarter of a billion dollars in online revenue for travel and retail websites, calculating average e-commerce website key performance indicators (KPIs) for you to use as benchmarks.I hope these findings help you benchmark your KPIs and gain deeper insights into what you can do to boost conversion. There are a number of unique features to this study:We’ve...

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A Few Takeaways from the Big Boulder Conference on Social Media Data

June 30, 2012  |  SEO  |  , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by adamf Last week I was fortunate to have the opportunity to attend the Big Boulder conference put on by GNIP in Boulder, Colorado.  Around 200 attendees joined together in the St. Julien Hotel to attend what was billed as the world's first social media data conference. GNIP, a company focused on aggregating and providing social data, assembled a great lineup of speakers, the majority of whom provide or consume social data. I enjoyed the conference and took the opportunity to learn more about social data that is now available to consumers, hear about the creative ways people are using...

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5 Actionable Takeaways from SES San Francisco 2010

August 25, 2010  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by jennitaLast week I covered SES San Francisco for SEOmoz. Every time I attend a conference, I try to go to sessions that will have information I can bring back to the community. Sometimes I look for sessions that aim to answer questions we see a lot in Q & A or that I notice popping up in comments on the blog. Either way, my focus is usually to find information that will be helpful to the community. Now and then I get a little greedy though, and attend sessions that will benefit me in my job. Luckily I...

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