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NatGeo’s Epic Digital Storytelling takes Us to the Lives of the Serengeti Lions

August 14, 2013  |  Samples  |  , , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

The National Geographic magazine August issue features an closer look at lions of the Serengeti National Park in Africa through a stunning collection of photography and video. And to share the wild experience to more audiences, NatGeo has just launched an amazing web experience showcasing the photography of Michael “Nick” Nichols‘ adventure in getting an in-depth look in the lives of the Serengeti lions. The layout and aesthetics of the web experience are very different than what we normally see.     The Serengeti Lion is a unique combination of video, audio and stills that pushes the boundaries of digital storytelling by letting...

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You! Be Informed! #0010 – Cannes Lions, On Departure, and World Future Trends Summit

June 21, 2012  |  Samples  |  , , , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

This week’s edition of You! Be Informed is all about creative gatherings such as the Cannes Lions and World Future Trends Summit, short film trailers, a peek at how animated movies are made, a photo exhibit celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee, and more news for graphic designers. Read on and tell us about the news we missed through our Facebook and Twitter accounts!   Progression of an Animated Shot: Gothel & Rapunzel Disney’s Tangled If you’re curious about how animated movies are made, better watch this video made by a Senior Animator at Dreamworks. The Progression of an Animated Shot...

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Strategic Link Building: Why You Don’t Need To Outrun Lions

January 31, 2012  |  SEO  |  , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by oline123This post was originally in YouMoz, and was promoted to the main blog because it provides great value and interest to our community. The author's views are entirely his or her own and may not reflect the views of SEOmoz, Inc. One of my favourite SEO anecdotes goes like this: two men are walking through an African game reserve when they come across a lion, one of the men calmly puts down his backpack and slips on the running shoes he has been carrying. The other man chuckles and says, “You’ll never outrun a lion." To which the other man calmly...

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