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Ps3 laptop courtesy of Ben Heck

[Ben Heck] may be the coolest person ever (take that [Adam Savage]). You would think that after producing so many laptop versions of gaming consoles he would grow tired or we would be bored of them. But no! We love each and every new production – including his latest laptop-ified Ps3. Not too much in the terms of ‘new’ comes from his latest article, but it does reaffirm some things including: why make what you can buy, cheap foam sheet should be purchased by the ton, and use the screws from an overheated Xbox 360 when you lose the Ps3...

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SNES Controller + USB + Accelerometer

As we posted about [Atarity]‘s XBMC hiding in an SNES controller, we were finishing work on a tutorial for [Adafruit]. The tutorial combines a Teensy USB development board with a 3D accelerometer inside of an SNES controller. The Teensy is programmed to poll the SNES controller buttons and read the accelerometer values. The buttons are set to keystrokes and mouse buttons, and the accelerometer values are processed into mouse movement. Programmed to play Portal, we created a video showing how to use the device. You can see it after the break. It was not quite as easy or quick as the...

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XeXLoader reminds us of Xbox glory days

May 1, 2010  |  Console Hacks  |  , , , ,  |  8 comments

The newest version of XeXLoader boasts a pretty slick GUI. This is a homebrew loader for the Xbox 360. Don’t get your hopes up, it requires an older kernel and you’re not getting on Xbox Live if you do this hack. But think back to when the original Xbox was first hacked. Watching the XeXLoader (after the break) sends us back to the days of EvolutionX. Sure there wasn’t much that could be done in those early days (other than pirate games), but that slowly changed with the hard work of a lot of developers. XBMC came out of those first...

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PS3 wireless visual interface

[Technott's] at it again, this time extending the Playstation 3 with a wireless interface. This handheld isn’t actually a PS3. It provides a wireless connection to your PS3 to receive audio and video, as well as to manage controller data. Think of it as a wirelessly tethered handheld that allows you to play Playstation when your wife is watching the Real Housewives. This is similar in size to his Xbox 360 WVI but the case shape and appearance are a big step up (not that we disliked that one). We’ve embedded a video tour of the device after the break. [Thanks...

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Force feedback for the Nintendo DS

Thіѕ сοοl mod brings force feedback tο thе Nintendo DS. Thеrе’s a motor wіth аn offset weight mounted surrounded bу thе DS fοr vibration аnd ѕοmе nice SMD LEDs plopped іn thеrе fοr ехсеllеnt measure. Thе force feedback іѕ being controlled via a picaxe mocrocontroller аnd triggered frοm thе analog audio signal. Whіlе using thе analog audio mау nοt bе thе mοѕt precise method, hе ѕауѕ thаt thе consequences аrе pretty decent.

[Thankfulness Dan, via HacknMod]

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