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Archive for July, 2014

Make Stories Come Alive with Jodi Harvey-Brown Book Sculpture

July 31, 2014  |  Samples  |  , , , , , ,  |  1 Comment

One artist breathes new life into old books turning it into amazing sculptures of various people and fictional characters. Pennsylvania-based artist Jodi Harvey-Brown has magic hands that can turn old books into these extremely fascinating sculptures to convey a story. Like pop-up books, Jodi’s creation looks as if like they are coming to life. Jodi started making these beautiful book sculptures when she got hooked from folding one of the pages of a used book from a second-hand book shop. After working on a couple more of pieces, Jodi was convinced by her husband to show her works in an artist community website wherein her work was well...

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Using Modern SEO to Build Brand Authority

July 30, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by kaiserthesage It's obvious that the technology behind search engines' ability to determine and understand web entities is gradually leaning towards how real people will normally perceive things from a traditional marketing perspective. The emphasis on E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, trustworthiness) from Google's recently updated Quality Rating Guide shows that search engines are shifting towards brand-related metrics to identify sites/pages that deserve to be more visible in search results. Online branding, or authority building, is quite similar to the traditional SEO practices that many of us have already been accustomed with. Building a stronger brand presence online and improving a site's search visibility both require two major...

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Unraveling Panda Patterns

July 29, 2014  |  SEO  |  , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by billslawski This is my first official blog post at Moz.com, and I'm going to be requesting your help and expertise and imagination. I'm going to be asking you to take over as Panda for a little while to see if you can identify the kinds of things that Google's Navneet Panda addressed when faced with what looked like an incomplete patent created to identify sites as parked domain pages, content farm pages, and link farm pages. You're probably better at this now then he was then. You're a subject matter expert. To put things in perspective, I'm going to include some...

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Here’s Your Syllabus: Everything a Marketer Needs for Day 1 of an MBA

July 28, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by willcritchlow A few years ago, I wrote a post on my personal blog about MBA courses. I have a great deal of respect for the top-flight MBA courses based, in part, on how difficult I found the business-school courses I took during my graduate degree. I'm well aware of the stereotypes prevalent in the startup and online worlds, but I believe there is a lot of benefit to marketers having a strong understanding of how businesses function. Recently, I've been thinking about how to build this into our training and development at Distilled; I think that our consultative approach needs...

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Classic Cars and Their Country of Origin – Poster Series

July 28, 2014  |  Samples  |  , , , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Iconic cars painted with their country of origin flag colours. What model of car defines your country? Like how The Ford Mustang is labeled as the true Classic American Car. Today’s featured project show us a way to tell the home country of a classic car when you see one. Trivia! The definition of a classic car varies from one country to another. A car must be between 30 to 49 years old to be called classic, while 50 to 99 year-old cars fall into pre-antique class, and 100 year-old and above cars fall into antique class according to the Classic Car...

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