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Archive for May, 2014

Breaking the SEO Rules: When Not to Follow Best Practices – Whiteboard Friday

May 30, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , , , , ,  |  3 comments

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard Best practices are set in place to guide us toward success in most situations. Not all situations. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Cyrus shows us several instances in which it's actually best to break the rules and throw those best practices out the window. For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard! Video Transcription Howdy Moz fans. Welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. I'm Cyrus Shepard. Today we're going to be talking about one of my favorite subjects -- breaking the SEO rules, and when not to follow best practices. Now, best practices are something we talk a lot about here at Moz, and...

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Gorgeous and Hilariously Offensive Calligraphy by Seb Lester

May 30, 2014  |  Samples  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Have you ever needed to break bad news but were lost about how to do it? Seb Lester – a graphic designer based in the UK – has given us some really elegant and offensive solutions to this problem. If you’ve ever needed to tell someone they’re a prat but wanted to maintain an air of class, you can turn to these gorgeous Handcrafted Calligraphy pieces to get your point across. Seb’s other pieces are also quite gorgeous, and totally worth taking a look at. Seb has done a number of typography pieces for big name companies such as Apple, Nasa, Nike...

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The Illustrated SEO Competitive Analysis Workflow

May 29, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , ,  |  1 Comment

Posted by Aleyda One of the most important activities for any SEO process is the initial competitive analysis. This process should correctly identify your SEO targets and provide fundamental input to establish your overall strategy. Depending on the type, industry, and scope of the SEO process, this analysis can become quite complex, as there are many factors to take into consideration—more now than ever before. In order to facilitate this process (and make it easy to replicate, control, and document), I've created a step-by-step workflow with the different activities and factors to take into consideration, including identifying SEO competitors, gathering the potential keywords to target, assessing their level of...

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Take the SEO Expert Quiz and Rule the Internet

May 29, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by Cyrus-Shepard You are master of the keyword. You create 1,000 links with a single tweet. You rank for the word "rank." Google engineers ask for your approval before updating their algorithm. You, my friend, are an SEO expert. Ready for fun? Here at Moz we gathered our wits (it didn't take very long) and created a new quiz to test our SEO knowledge. Based on a quiz that our co-founder Rand first published back in 2005, at the dawn of electronics and lighter-than-air travel, we now present to you the new and improved SEO Expert Quiz. The quiz contains 50 questions and takes about...

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50+ Things You Should Learn About Your Client

May 28, 2014  |  SEO  |  , , , ,  |  Comments Off

Posted by RobOusbey Six years ago I stood in a client's board room with a list of SEO recommendations that I was convinced would earn me big smiles, firm handshakes, and and maybe even a celebratory slap on the back. Instead I was met with icy stares and nonchalance to my suggestions. This was despite all my preparation to understand various intricate SEO best practices, as well as the quirks of their website and CMS. I just had no idea what this team believed in, or what angle I should use to persuade them to get things done. It was July 2008, and I...

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