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Change your system Font with BytaFonT for iPhone 4 or Any iDevice

whats up youtube willIph?neMaster іn thіѕ video im going tο ѕhοw u hοw tο change уουr system Font Wіth BYTAFONT Hope thіѕ hеlр іf u guys need hеlр follow mе οn twitter fοr аnу qυеѕtіοn www.twitter.com And mаkе sure swing bу www.idevicedaily.com fοr аnу idevice needs аnd come bу thе store And Dont forget tο Rate,Comment,Subscribe
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  1. can you change the clocks?

  2. Wow, I just won an iPad 2! Just follow the link I found on getfreeappleipad2 (dot) us (dot) mn

    apple,? yet again, no flash?

  3. byta font doesnt have the variety that fontswap had when we refer to the font themes, but it doesnt matter, wait for them to add more, what i want though for byta font is a ps3 and bmw font

  4. Cool. Twitter ? @Ivancuh

  5. whc theme r u usng mate?

  6. @EdinJadadic install the bytafont from cydia. after you are done download a font you like that is well-matched with bytafont through cydia. when you installed it go back to bytafont click on the font you just downloaded and apply and respring.

  7. What tha fuck I didn’t know a goddamn shit.

  8. hii bro…
    cool all those video..
    can u do one video to show the best later for system
    with bytafont…..lol

  9. @badoorl2moor its called z twilight

  10. ………………………………

  11. @masterqw1 you need to search for original fonts and download what applies to your firmware

  12. what your theme name ???

  13. What is the name of the theme in ur iPhone? Plz tell me send it to my inbox how to do it…
    Thnx:) nd nice video man it helped:)

  14. plz help! i removed byta font from my packages in cydia but the font i choose is still there, i want to change my font back to it’s normal way but every time i try to download bytafont the app won’t come up. can anyone help?

  15. i dont have original 41 so i cant go back any help on wat to do to go back?

  16. “Hmm let’s see what catches my eye….BLAZED” yea that caught my eye too bro ;) rofl XDD

  17. worked:) surpass then fontswap app fontswap app dnt even work:/
    this works thankfulness:)

  18. whats the name of your iphone’s theme??

  19. Always got the best vids thankfulness San Antonio Tx go spurs go

  20. Cool thankfulness

  21. @ChinoNino52792 The theme is z twilight hd I got a video on it

  22. …i send him a tweet about da theme and hasnt answer

  23. everywhere can i get that widget from??

  24. wths the name of the theme on your iphone 4?