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Avatar: Photoshop edition
May 31, 2011  |  Photoshop  |  , ,

I’m officially obsessed wіth thіѕ movie. Hаνе уου seen іt? Whаt dіd уου rесkοn?! Considering thіѕ photo edit οnlу took mе 30 minutes, i rесkοn іt’s pretty damn ехсеllеnt :) Now іf οnlу i сουld mаkе myself a tail… FYI – photo retouched іn Adobe Photoshop CS3, filmed using iShowu, edited іn iMovie blog.franchesca.net http


  1. Now that I’ve seen the movie, this really gives you a pretty excellent thought of what to expect. Don’t go in expecting the tale to be elaborated on or a traditional narrative to be formed. I saw it at filmsi.co.cc. Take this and get ready for a two+ hour meditation of life and a lot of poetic imagry.

  2. I can’t quit thinking about it! It’s so visually gorgeous and emotionally deep/profound. I saw it on filmsi.co.cc this afternoon. 10/10 It also has one of the best trailers in the history of film.

  3. This tale looks incredible… It would be even surpass if it was diverse, like real life. It makes me to watch it on sitemoovie.co.cc right now… Man that guy knows how to write a movie. This might be the best movie ever made.

  4. This boss is one of the very few directors in the world doing only movies he wants to do… Not a single compromise….ever. Regardless of the casting and budget. I really like the trailer so I will look for the movie at filmsi.co.cc tomorrow.

  5. If they reckon making every movie make no sense at all unless you try extremely hard to follow it is a excellent thought I will stab someone. Inception was excellent… But not every movie has to be so confusing. I am checking this one at filmsi.co.cc tonight.

  6. For me it does, it makes me want to go see it on filmsi.co.cc, though I won’t know what to expect. For me that’s the best part about seeing movies, being surprised. Awsome trailer for me!

  7. How on Earth can you guys not get this trailer? It pursues the one question humanity has been asking themselves: What is life? The philosophy of this movie looks gorgeous. Go and see movie on filmsi.co.cc right now.

  8. Davidmicroworker

    I like the fact that the trailer was possibly the most pretentious thing I have ever seen, not to mention it gave not right hint of the films narrative or genre… It makes me want to see movie on sitemoovie.co.cc right now…

  9. Saw the trailer for this early on. Just heard it won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. Looks like a feature film, can’t wait to see it in filmsi.co.cc! Looks gorgeous, but I’m sure this film won’t appeal to everyone. Probably clarifies why it’s getting a limited release.

  10. This is one of the most gorgeous trailers that I have ever seen. Does anyone know if this is Desplat doing the score for the trailer and what the song name is? I saw it on filmsi.co.cc. The 2nd time I watched this, I was factually crying.

  11. Very powerful…I feel gray emotions by just surveillance the trailer. Definitly worth of watch at filmsi.co.cc. Why m i surveillance the trailer for the 8th time! Brilliant! I really like this kind movies!!

  12. 07smithvelasco

    STEP BY STEP..!!!!

  13. Because of the hype, people are going to go into this thing expecting a predictive narrative structure. That’s when the test of their mainstream-conditioned viewpoints will really start. See this movie at sitemoovie.co.cc right now.

  14. We have such brilliant possibility, such magnificent nature, all the incredible small pieces of life, but nobody unfortunatly seems to be interested in searching and thinking about ourself and the potential of it. This movie is a huge potential, so go and get it at filmsi.co.cc right now.

  15. Hauntingly gorgeous and an incredible score cant wait to see this visually stunning movie on sitemoovie.co.cc. saw this trailer when i saw Black Swan. i reckon it has potential for best picture next year. looks very excellent.

  16. That’s the problem with people now, we are all being spoon fed plots and rely on reviews and the reputation of the actor to determine whether we will see a movie or not. Why can’t we just go into a cinema knowing nothing and delight in being surprised? Just go to sitemoovie.co.cc and see it, you will like it.

  17. Alexandre Keese e Getulino Pacheco em Curitiba – 16 e 17 de Junho no Unicuritiba.

  18. Not judging this on the strength of a trailer, but that told me absolutely nothing about this film – other than it looks a tad pretentious. I am checking movie on sitemoovie.co.cc now.

  19. eyes like michael jacksons in the end

  20. Trust me this is the most epic film i have ever seen so far in my life at sitemoovie.co.cc! I dont want to spoil you a thing so delight watch it its epic in so many levels so you will be excellent with it.

  21. I found days gone by that this trailer did not do the movie justice because the movie was way surpass when I saw it on sitemoovie.co.cc. It’s so rare seeing a movie that was surpass than it’s trailer. Recommend this one for you.

  22. @iFreakin992 my friend? meaning the photo i edited? ummm that’s me


  24. This is like the books. It amazes me how its based on the graphic novels. I found it on sitemoovie.co.cc days gone by. This movie is cool, creative, and just fantastic for me.