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Archive for May, 2011

Create a Multi-Layout Portfolio with WordPress

May 31, 2011  |  Wordpress  |  , , ,  |  Comments Off

Advertise hereWordPress, as a content management system, is often used for creating portfolio websites. With the evolution of user interface design and functionalities, a new trend has emerged: displaying portfolio items in different layouts. This tutorial details the process of creating a dedicated portfolio section in WordPress’ backend, and using jQuery and CSS3 to display the portfolio in a classy manner. In this tutorial, we are going to extensively use powerful features of WordPress, such as custom posts, custom taxonomies, and we’ll also write a function to fetch our own custom excerpts. Step 1 - Installing WordPress and Initializing the Theme. The...

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What’s New in SEO for May 31, 2011

May 31, 2011  |  SEO  |  ,  |  Comments Off

We have compiled the latest news and updates from the big three, Google, Bing and Yahoo as it relates to SEO and the search engines overall. WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK WITH GOOGLE: Social Search goes global Google Social Search, which was first introduced in 2009 and designed to help you find more relevant information from your friends and the people you care about, is now available to more users around the globe. WHAT’S NEW THIS WEEK WITH YAHOO!: Yahoo! Search Trends: American Idol Projections Yahoo! Search looks at geographic searches, demographic searches and overall searches to project a leader in the...

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A Look at Popular Fashion Website Designs: Fierce or Not?

Today, we’ll take a look at some popular fashion websites. To many, they would be fierce and exceptional, to others, they might be somewhat lacking. These websites, after all, don’t follow rules that govern corporate websites. It just so happens that this industry is capable to create their own standards that the world is happy to follow. Whether or not you agree, these websites are quite inspiring. They offer a lot of insight that one may generally not get from other sites. Their approach, needless to say, is a far cry from most of our previous showcases. Most of the...

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Avatar: Photoshop edition

May 31, 2011  |  Photoshop  |  , ,  |  26 comments

I’m officially obsessed wіth thіѕ movie. Hаνе уου seen іt? Whаt dіd уου rесkοn?! Considering thіѕ photo edit οnlу took mе 30 minutes, i rесkοn іt’s pretty damn ехсеllеnt :) Now іf οnlу i сουld mаkе myself a tail… FYI – photo retouched іn Adobe Photoshop CS3, filmed using iShowu, edited іn iMovie blog.franchesca.net http

Head Smacking Tip #20: Don’t Ask Sites for Links. Find People and Connect.

Posted by randfishMany of us trained in the ways of classical SEO are familiar with the link building process:Step 1: Find relevant sites from which to get a link.Step 2: Search for contact information (email or phone number).Step 3: Get in touch and find a way to make the link happen (sell them on great content, do a trade in-kind, plant a seed and hope, etc.)If you've ever done this (for the first 2 years of my SEO career, it's practically all I did), you know how much it sucks. Conversion rates are low. Time/link is high. The ROI is...

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