• 6 Changes We Always Thought Google Would Make to SEO that They Haven’t Yet – Whiteboard Friday

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    Posted by randfishFrom Google's interpretation of rel="canonical" to the specificity of anchor text within a link, there are several areas where we thought Google would make a move and are still waiting for it to happen. In today's Whiteboard Friday, Rand details six of those areas. Let us know where you think things are going in the comments! For reference, here's a still of this week's whiteboard! Video Transcription Howdy, Moz fans, and welcome to another edition of Whiteboard Friday. Today, I'm going to tackle a subject around some of these changes that a lot of us in the marketing and SEO fields...

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    Prototypo: A Streamlined Online Typeface Editor

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    London-based international type foundry, ByteFoundry has created a slicker and smoother way in creating and editing typefaces. Called “Prototypo”, the open source online editing application will make the work of type designers less tedious and repetitive. Prototypo features a streamlined way of editing typefaces with over twenty parameters to modify all built-in glyphs at once. Type designers can play, experiment and refine spacing and outlines of a wide range of body text fonts using sliders. The application brings a whole new approach of type design by letting you focus on shape design, integrating historical, mathematical and visual rules of this discipline to...

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    The Holy Grail Of Building Communities: Developing A Strong Sense of Community

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    Posted by RichardMillington None of the technology released in the past five years has made us better at building communities. It's made it easier to build communities, but it hasn't made us better at building communities. In fact, much of it has proved a costly distraction that has reduced the chances of us succeeding. We say that with confidence. We've crunched, munched, and otherwise stared at numbers until our eyes bleed. Technology tweaks, barring a correction for an earlier mistake, rarely have a big long-term impact upon a community's level of growth and activity. We've had organizations invest millions (the record was .1m) on a...

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    Photoshop’s Lighten Group Layer Modes

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    In thіѕ Photoshop tutorial wе wіll study thе blending modes belonging tο thе Lighten Group. Tutorial Fine points Program: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (CS3+ versions wіll work аѕ well) Estimated Completion Time: 50 minutes Difficulty: Intermediate Resources Arid Background Elephant Elephants Fire Burn Flames Premade Background 1463 Heart Bokeh Textures Setup working area In thіѕ article wе […]
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    Search Marketers Need to Evolve: Google is Rewarding Marketing Strategists

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    Posted by RonGarrett In the last three years at Distilled, I have sold approximately million in marketing services to over 100 businesses. Initially, the vast majority of the business I sold was in search, but over time it has evolved to encompass different facets of marketing because we are now headed towards a hyper-competitive future. In order for our industry to continue to thrive, we need to set ourselves apart. I wanted to share some of my experience in how I was able to overcome some of the challenges our search industry is facing when it comes to competing in this post-Hummingbird,...

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